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Welcome to Project Daybreak

Project Daybreak is a project from the Podcast Factory, and offers publicity for all upcoming talents in Music, Dance, Film, Theater, Variety and Stand-Up Comedy. We work hard to give you a view in new uprising talents, either through audio, video and written articles. We go undercover to different parties, and try to discover, the next best talent! 



Music: Alex Von Z, Denver, USA (ENG)

Alex Vonz From all over the world, upcoming talents can be found. This time, Project Daybreak brings you to Denver, United States, where this singer songwriter, and guitarist Alex Van Z, brings you ... a taste of his own!




Music: Jakobistan, Belgium (ENG)

Jakobistan Project Daybreak interviews artists from all over the world, but sometimes ... we just don't need to look that far. May we introduce to you, Jakobistan from Belgium!




Music: Dee Bronte, Toronto, Canada (ENG)

Dee Bronte Project Daybreak stumbled upon this entertaining artist, about to release her first album. We would like to introduce you, Dee Bronte from Toronto! 




Music: Sonali Vij, New Delhi, India (ENG)

Sonali Vij Project Daybreak is fully working on the new website, so for the moment, we focus on email interviews. This girl has just released her first single, and is at the edge, of what is hoping to be, the fulfillment of her dreams. Say hi to Sonali Vij from New Delhi, India!




Music: Don't Let Daddy Know, Belgium (NL)

Don't Let Daddy Know Project Daybreak was invited to Don't Let Daddy Know, a EDM party in Sportpaleis, Antwerp, in Belgium. They're doing a tour around the world, and it was the first time they passed by Belgium. A night to remember.