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Welcome to Project Daybreak

Project Daybreak is a project from the Podcast Factory, and offers publicity for all upcoming talents in Music, Dance, Film, Theater, Variety and Stand-Up Comedy. We work hard to give you a view in new uprising talents, either through audio, video and written articles. We go undercover to different parties, and try to discover, the next best talent! 



The Partysquad, The Netherlands (NL)

The Partysquad The Partysquad is the name of the DJ/ producer formation Jerry Leembruggen and Ruben Fernhout. Coming from The Netherlands, they have been responsible for international releases since 2009, amongst others on Spinnin Records, Universal / TopNotch and Mad Decent.



Music: Skitzofrenix, Bosnia (NL)

Skitzofrenix Backstage, of Stage 3, we found our next deejay to interview, Skitzofrenix. Because he's into different sounds, his name suits him well. We got to know the man, behind the desks, and were able to give you an insight on who Edin Ibrahimovic truly is.



Music: D-Wayne, The Netherlands (NL)

D-Wayne D-Wayne played on the mainstage of Castle of Love, when we had the opportunity to interview him. This dj from The Netherlands, has quickly rose up to the stars, in the scene, and now enjoys the support of a lot of big names.
Big future plans, after a world tour with Afrojack in 2014, but for now, we just wanted to know, the man behind the decks.



Music: Dieter Koblenz, Germany (NL)

Dieter Koblenz German Schlagersänger, born in the town of Trier and traveling all over the world to bring this very popular music genre to the Fans.



Music: 2Dirty, The Netherlands (NL)

2Dirty This duo knows everything about hard work. Been asked to play at Tomorrowland 5 times in a row, and now, they were ready for their set, at Castle of Love.